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Product Name: FlashROM Update incl. IDE Flashloader (MSX1, MSX2/2+ and Turbo R)
Version: 2.40
Release Date: 23.03.2005
Programmed by: Jon De Schrijder
Description: Please read this file first. It contains EXTREMELY IMPORTANT information! IDE240.TXT and IDEFLOAD.TXT
Instruction for the use FAT16. Please read

Hello IDE users,
I'm happy to announce the latest version of the IDE modification.
Read all about it in the attached
IDEFIX.HTML (new IDEFIX.TXT 24.09.1999) or IDETECH.HTML file.
The file contains some useful information for IDE programmers.
IDESYS.HTML new IDESYS.TXT 14.05.2000)

Download: ide240.lzh ( 45.000 kb)


Product Name: FDisk for the ATA-IDE Interface
Version: 3.10
Release Date: 18.10.2000
Programmed by: Jon De Schrijder
Description: The newest FDisk for the ATA-IDE Interface

The IDEFDISK.COM program is used for three things:
*Physically formatting ZIP-disks, LS120-disks (720K,1440K,UHD)
*Partitioning large media (harddisk, ZIP, UHD)
*Formatting these partitions to MSX format (logical format)

Download: fdisk31.lzh ( 8.913 kb)


Product Name: EVA Player for Sunrise ATA-IDE
Version: 0.08
Release Date: 30.08.1999
Programmed by: Sergio Guerrero
Description: TEVA is the video format design by ESE Artist's Factory. With MSX TurboR + MegaSCSI interface through a Sony HB-V1 digitizer you can record animated sequences in screen 12, 128*106 pixels, 10 or 12 fps and digital sound with 15,75 KHz. For see and play the EVAS was necessary a MSX TurboR and a MegaSCSI interface.
Download: eva-player.lzh ( 7.665 kb)


Product Name: The IDE Harddisk partition Change
Version: 5.00
Release Date: 08.07.1999
Programmed by: Jon De Schrijder
Description: This is a tool for changing the partitions.
Download: idepar5.lzh ( 1.073 kb)


Product Name: CD Player for Sunrise ATA/IDE
Version: 1.00
Release Date: 02.07.2000
Programmed by: Sergio Guerrero
Description: A CD-player for CD-ROM on the IDE-Interface
This program is PUBLIC DOMAIN!!
Download: ide-cdplayer.lzh ( 4.711 kb)


Product Name: CDROM driver
Version: 1.20
Release Date: 23.09.1999
Programmed by: Jon De Schrijder
Description: New in this version:
*ability to access multi-session CDROMs !!!

Finally it is finished! A DOS2 CDROM driver for the Sunrise ATA-IDE interface! It is based on the MSXCDEX program for MEGASCSI by Taro Kashiwazaki who gave me the permission to use some parts of his code.
Download: idecdx12.lzh ( 6.357 kb)


Product Name: The Kodak PhotoCD Viewer
Version: 1.00
Release Date: 22.09.1999
Programmed by: Jon De Schrijder
Description: Now view PCD pictures direct from the CD-medium.
Download: pcdview.lzh ( 3.486 kb)


Product Name: Audio CD Player
Version: 1.00
Release Date: 22.09.1999
Programmed by: Jon De Schrijder
Description: Yeh play the Audio CD.
Download: jdscdp.lzh ( 5.145 kb)


Product Name: Change the keys (graph,ins)
Version: 1.00
Release Date: 17.06.1999
Programmed by: MSX-Voyagers
Description: You can change the keys (graph,ins) of the bios with it.
Download: idkeyset.lzh ( 8.538 kb)


Product Name: Standby timer for IDE devices
Version: ?.??
Release Date: 06.04.1999
Programmed by: Antonio Fernandez Otero
Description: See Standby.hlp to know how to use this program ;-)

I tested this program with two harddisk, in both of them timer values between 1..11 had the same effect that a timer value of 12. Probably it's a little bit stupid to have a standby timer lower than 1 minute for a harddisk.

Download: standby.lzh ( 7.875 kb)
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