F inishing 1994, a new video board was created for MSX. It's name was Graphics 9000, a cartridge that includes the Yamaha V9990 videochip.

T he Graphics9000 (also named GFX9000) has his own BASIC for using the new commands and new screen modes, that are:

0: 64 columns text mode
1: 32 columns text mode
2: P1 mode (256x212 dualplane patternmode)
3: P2 mode (512x212 patternmode)
4: like screen 2
5...12: like MSX2/2+ but sprites; only two one-colour sprites are allowed

T he new screen resolutions are (used now in Video9000 too): 384x249 in full screen (overscan mode) y 768x240, and the MSX2 modes. Also, the number of colours are: 64 colours of 32768, in 256x212 pixels; 16 colours of 512x212 and 32768 colours (silultaneously) in 512x424.


by Sunrise for MSX Team