After negotiating with MSX Association via its representative Bazix we are proud to announce that we reached an agreement to launch the Sunrise USB-Game reader.
So, it is not anymore an unreachable product for the rest of the world.

The product will be delivered including a case, software (the English version of the software from the original from Japan).

The details:

-Prepared to use complete cartridge slot via later update (Possibility to use e.g.
Moonsound, Gfx9000, IDE)
Count on the fact that we do our utmost to get cooperation for adapting the current software!
- Including English version of MSX-player (the emulator !)
- 4 dipswitches
-USB Cable included
-Konami cartridges that work together can also work via 2 USB-readers
-Meant for PC-user under Windows XP or Windows 2000

The manual will be made later on and be sent to the owners without extra charges.
In this manual we will describe the functioning of the dipswitches, a list of working and non-working cartridges. It stands to reason that we work of course with help from buyers to an optimum use of the cartridge.

People who bought the reader and have an interesting cartridge please give a message to me
You can reach me under or
Also for further questions ofcourse

The price will be 75 euro exclusive of postage and package

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MSX-PLAY-er is sublicensed by BAZIX VOF, The Netherlands
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