V ideo9000 a high quality digitizer and superimposer for the MSX-2/2+/turboR computer. You can grab pictures from a videofilm/videocamera/TV or gamesconsole in 32768 colours, superimpose parts of it with animations and titles upon video images, mix your own creations with these video images, etc. Furthermore you can switch from MSX 2/2+/turboR screen to GFX9000 screen and vice versea just by one simple command.

Y ou should now see the normal MSX boot-up screen, as was the case when not having a Video9000 and GFX9000 at all. Because the Video9000 has an integrated RGB switch, such a device is not necessary anymore.

W ith the aid for the digitize function of the Video9000 you can `freeze` (moving) images of the every standard PAL video source, like a VCR, camera, camcorder or TV receiver(tuner). This digitizing is performed real time (50 pictures per second) and 32768 colours are used.

D igitization is only possible in the full colour bitmap screen modes, i.e. the B1,B2 and B3 modes.

S uperimpose is the effect that a moving or non-moving video images is covered by (parts of) a second image. In the case of the Video9000, this second images is the graphical screen produced by the GFX9000. At those places the graphical screen is made trasparent, the moving video scene is visible. The subtitling of foreign TV films, teh overlaid scores of a football game in sport programs on TV, but also the weather broadcasting programs (the maps with clouds and suns are superimposed upon the background) are examples of superimposing.

O f cours any graphical image and/or animation can be superimposed upon the external video source.


by Sunrise for MSX Team